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JP-H02216247-A: Metal fabric patent, JP-H0224346-A: Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin composition patent, JP-H02246620-A: Phase locked loop circuit including frequency converter patent, JP-H02249925-A: Weighing device patent, JP-H0225145-A: Call waiting system patent, JP-H02253948-A: Composite film patent, JP-H0225471-A: Polyamine partially substituted by bis-piperidyl-triazine ring patent, JP-H02259441-A: Apparatus for measuring optical axis luminous intensity of headlight patent, JP-H02269-A: Alkylated amide derivative patent, JP-H02276164-A: Solid electrolyte thin film patent, JP-H02294737-A: Information processor patent, JP-H02296748-A: Glass for coating semiconductor patent, JP-H0251423-A: Ba-pb-bi-o type oxide superconducting photoconductive material and its production patent, JP-H0252428-A: Treatment apparatus patent, JP-H0253547-A: Recovery device for feeding of work for machine tool patent, JP-H0256205-A: Sludge discharge device for sludge settling tank patent, JP-H0271767-A: Far infrared radiation type solid moxibustion patent, JP-H0282263-A: Electrophotographic sensitive body patent, JP-H0293046-A: Steel sheet for direct single enamelling patent, JP-H03101424-A: Hot standby transmission/reception system patent, JP-H03106343-A: X-ray picture diagnostic device patent, JP-H03106686-A: Foil feed device of stamping press patent, JP-H03114249-A: Lead frame for semiconductor device and its manufacture patent, JP-H03115584-A: Method for plating polycarbonate resin patent, JP-H03122560-A: Enzyme electrode patent, JP-H0312442-A: Fluorine-containing resin dispersion patent, JP-H03145780-A: Semiconductor laser patent, JP-H03150955-A: Talking equipment in elevator cage patent, JP-H03160352-A: Device for displaying sample image patent, JP-H03162050-A: Memory card and telephone set with function for reading external memory patent, JP-H03167286-A: Moisture-curing sealing material composition patent, JP-H03193702-A: Water-dispersible granule patent, JP-H03204059-A: Programmable controller patent, JP-H0320446-A: Electrical sheet for thick plate patent, JP-H03217086-A: Method and device for correcting carrier tape feed of electronic component mounting machine patent, JP-H03236446-A: Steel sheet for two-piece can patent, JP-H03237811-A: Pulse generator patent, JP-H032476-A: Operation control device patent, JP-H03258556-A: Method and device for driving wire dot printing head patent, JP-H03268901-A: Wooden flooring and its manufacture patent, JP-H03276431-A: Optical recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H03294887-A: Electrophotographic printer patent, JP-H0330319-A: Amorphous semiconductor thin film patent, JP-H0334620-A: Switch array patent, JP-H0347334-A: Bath device patent, JP-H03501758-A: patent, JP-H0352289-A: Manufacture of printed wiring board patent, JP-H0374883-A: Manufacture of diaphragm of pressure sensor patent, JP-H0374948-A: System and equipment for relaying confidential communication patent, JP-H0379060-A: Manufacturing method for semiconductor integration circuit element patent, JP-H0382865-A: Method for discriminating color and device for discriminating color patent, JP-H0394593-A: Video telephone system patent, JP-H0399746-A: Precision suction mold patent, JP-H04163680-A: Optical reading type processor patent, JP-H04172516-A: Information processor with illuminated liquid crystal display patent, JP-H04185617-A: Chlorinated vinyl chloride resin excellent in solubility patent, JP-H04200946-A: Extruding method and device therefor patent, JP-H04200990-A: Beam path shifting type laser beam cutting machine patent, JP-H0420636-A: Roof structure patent, JP-H04221262-A: Right and left distribution control device for vehicle brake force patent, JP-H04228153-A: Disk storage device patent, JP-H04264545-A: Silver halide photographic sensitive material patent, JP-H04266090-A: Blocking plate for placing frame for mounting on casing patent, JP-H04282151-A: Method and apparatus for producing supply material for crown restoration patent, JP-H04307648-A: Group cooperative job device patent, JP-H04308602-A: System of connected line of fluorescent lamp patent, JP-H04315017-A: Remote ignition high frequency getter used in metallic infrared detector dewar patent, JP-H04316664-A: Device for monitoring bad finishing phenomenon of web patent, JP-H04358467-A: Black level corrector for image scanner patent, JP-H04362745-A: Instruction tracing device patent, JP-H0459337-A: Manufacture of coated material patent, JP-H0468584-A: Laser oscillator patent, JP-H0473140-A: Rubber lining of surface of metal member patent, JP-H0484336-A: Fault resistive data processor patent, JP-H0489233-A: Box forming machine patent, JP-H0490066-A: Method and device for registering processing of parametric graphic patent, JP-H0497002-A: Waterproofing material for floor slab and waterproofing work thereof patent, JP-H05104715-A: Piezoelectric actuator for ink jet head patent, JP-H05113569-A: Liquid crystal element patent, JP-H05136602-A: ストリツプ線路フイルタ patent, JP-H05157528-A: 腐食形状の3次元解析方法 patent, JP-H05223298-A: Ventilation system patent, JP-H05232043-A: Seam detector patent, JP-H05247691-A: Method and device for washing treatment of aluminum sash shape patent, JP-H05273539-A: Liquid crystal display device patent, JP-H05317214-A: 床用吸込具 patent, JP-H0532871-A: Thermoplastic polyester resin composition patent, JP-H05329688-A: Auxiliary device for welding steel material patent, JP-H054728-A: シート収容装置 patent, JP-H0548401-A: Data latch circuit patent, JP-H0557850-A: Engineering method and material for interior finishing wall surface under window patent, JP-H0564745-A: ハニカム状のガス吸着素子または触媒担体の製造法 patent, JP-H0577007-A: Method for continuously casting steel slab using static magnetic field patent, JP-H0586169-A: エポキシ樹脂組成物及び硬化物 patent, JP-H06119897-A: プラズマの点灯方法 patent, JP-H06123977-A: Production of photosensitive body patent, JP-H06132863-A: Small power radio repeating transmitter patent, JP-H06139858-A: 避雷器等の繊維強化プラスチック製絶縁筒 patent, JP-H06158570-A: Structure of suspension cable and method for housing the same patent, JP-H06216375-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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